Lionheart Gift Foundation- Non-Profit 501-(c)-(3)

I’m the Founder of the Lionheart Gift Foundation a non-profit 501-(c)-(3). This foundation was inspired during a time my Husband and I visited the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC.

There was such an overwhelming feeling of all those who have battled and put their lives on the line to provide us protection. Their bravery and courage. There is a Lion and Lioness statute surrounding the names as protection of these fallen officers. Some names that I recognized and many that I didn’t. Each one with loved ones who they left behind.

Looking at these statutes inspired the logo. I sketched it out and my daughter, being the artist she is, drew the logo. We sent that into a marketing designer who digitized it.

The Foundation was formed with many supporters who believed in giving back and serving our community. We have developed a real estate program as our way of saying thank you for their bravery, love and care and an amazing way to give back to those who are, in essence, a Lionheart.

The Lionheart Gift Foundation was created to show appreciation and give back to those who put their lives on the line, protect and serve our communities and our country, in essence, a Lionheart.


Who is a Lionheart:

Lionhearts are our Military, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement who actively serve, are retired from service or who have survived a spouse who has served.


What is the program:

For those purchasing or selling a home, we are gifting back 20% of our commission to the eligible Lionheart at closing. (Underwriting terms & conditions may apply)


Additionally, The Lionheart Gift Foundation will provide assistance or relief to Lionheart families in need by donations received and individual assessments.


Lionheart Client Eligibility:

To be eligible to participate in the Lionheart Gift Program, clients must meet the following criteria:

All those retired, active, or survivors of United States:

• Retired, Active or Survivors of the United States Military

• Armed Forces

• Air Forces

• Army

• Navy

• Marine

• Coast Guard

• Law Enforcement

• Police Officers

• 911 Dispatchers

• Firefighters

• Registered Nurses


To learn more about the program and how you can become a recipient, please contact me.