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Here at Real Estate by Referral we support, encourage, and challenge our agents to be the best successful professional Realtor they can be. We strive for your success and offer the most valuable services to support you in your business.

We focus on education, training and mentoring. No one is left behind. Not only do I have my own signature training to teach, we have ongoing Buffini Training. monthly events, and legal support.


At Real Estate by Referral we’re freakin AMAZING!!!!

We have valuable services for agents, support that is completely unheard of, a company that cares about not only you but your loved ones as well. We strive to up-level our professionalism and service to honor our word, our actions and earn the business and trust of our clients and their referrals for a lifetime.

I’m hiring new and seasoned Real Estate Agents. Ones with the self-discipline and desire to be the best isn’t something that you can teach. It is a part of individuals character. So what I’m looking for are Realtors who have a strong work ethic, a burning desire to succeed, and will make the effort to become a valued, integral part of my branch.


Gratitude: a deep feeling of being grateful and thankful for opportunities

Motivation: comes from the heart, one who can move themselves with deep purpose and kick ass everyday with a mental state to never give up, learn and excel.

Intellectual Curiosity: a deep hunger to learn and grow and a willingness to experiment in order to learn.

Empathy: a deep emotional intelligence, closely connected to cultural competence, that enables those who possess it to see the world through others’ eyes, and understand their unique perspectives.

Determination: one with deep purpose and intent; the ability to dream big but think realistically. This isn’t a get rich program. Gotta work super hard.


You possess all the above.

You seek a Broker who understands and supports all the hard work you’ve put in.

You seek a Broker who can recognize the efforts and celebrate your accomplishments.

If you’re interested, message me. I’d love to hear your story and connect with you.